Holiday Magic Specs 4-Pack

Tired of running around before the holidays looking for that perfect Christmas gift to make everyone happy? Look no further as our brand new 4-pack of Holiday Magic Specs (with specially designed LED flashing button) is your one stop shop for the complete holiday gift that is guaranteed to satisfy people of all ages!

Holiday Magic Specs instantly transform Christmas lights, fireworks, candles or any bright point of light into magical messages. Our holographic lenses bend the light creating magical illusions. Each glass is colorfully printed complete with easy to read directions. With more than 10 million sold at retail, people have witnessed this mysterious phenomenon all over the globe.

This limited edition Holiday Magic Specs 4-Pack includes Snowflake, Santa, Snowman, and Reindeer glasses. All 4-Packs include an interactive LED light-up button that is specially designed to bring the magical images to life, creating a complete holiday gift experience. Holiday Magic Specs 4-Packs are great for party favors, holiday gifts, holiday light displays, and just about anywhere that Christmas lights are displayed! Stop running around this holiday season and buy this "must have" seasonal 4-pack. What else could be this complete?

Please note the minimum order of our new 4-Pack is 3. These limited edition glasses Christmas 3D glasses are not sold separately, order while supplies last! 

Three   4-Packs at  $7.49 each
Six       4-Packs at   $6.95 each
Nine     4-Packs at   $6.49 each

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