Polaroid Premium COVER

Polaroid Premium COVER

Experience perfect 3D vision with our new circular polarized COVER Glasses. These new 3D glasses fit perfectly over optical frames and guarantee a comfortable fit.

Our COVER Glasses have precisely curved circular polarized lenses allowing moviegoers and passive TV viewers to fully experience 3D with an uncompromising field of vision and a pair of glasses to match their personal style. 

- Highly-efficient circular polarized lenses. No squinting, no staring, just perfect vision
- The frames and specially formed lenses create an extended field of vision.
- High quality lightweight frames designed for extended wear.

Polaroid's premium passive 3D glasses are certified by RealD™ due to high quality and lens efficiency for usage with RealD™ technology screens as well as Vizio and LG passive polarized televisions.


Quantity          Price

1                       $20.00

10+                   $18.00