ColorCode 3-D Viewers®

ColorCode 3D™ is a new Danish state-of-the-art 3-D stereo image technology. The world’s most advanced and flexible full-color 3-D Stereo system can be used with nearly all media: computer monitors, print, films, DVD’s and many more applications. ColorCode Viewers (ColorCode 3-D glasses) are equipped with special amber and blue filters, which are developed together with the ColorCode 3-D encoding as a matched pair to deliver the ultimate quality.

ColorCode 3-D, the ColorCode 3-D logo and the ColorCodeViewer are trademarks of ColorCode 3-D Center ApS, Denmark.
ColorCode 3-D patents: US Patent No. 6,687,003, AU Patent No. 763370 and other patents pending.

Minimum order of 50 glasses. Sold in increments of 50. Full-Frame-style only.

Quantity      Price

50+               $0.80
250+             $0.75
500+             $0.70
1000             $0.66