Mixed Bundle - Eye Witness Glasses™

Become an Eye Witness! New "Eye Witness Glasses™" with patented holographic lenses transform any bright point of light into amazing inspirational images delighting people of all ages. Eye Witness Glasses are brilliantly printed in full color with Scripture and easy to read directions. This lineup includes Jesus, Cross and Ichthus (Fish) lenses. Great for Sunday school, youth groups, Vacation Bible School, concerts, church camp, and parties. “Show and tell" your faith and witness to the masses with Eye Witness Glasses!

Minimum Order 50 Glasses. You may order any combination of Eye Witness Glasses to make up the minimum order as long as they are in groups of 25. (Some sample combinations: 50 Eye Witness Glasses Mixed Bundle, 25 Fish + 25 Jesus, or 50 Cross)

Note: A Mixed Bundle includes all the designs in this line of glasses (for example: an Eye Witness Glasses Mixed Bundle includes a mix of Jesus, Cross, and Ichthus glasses)

Quantity      Price

50 @ $1.35 each
100 @ $1.10 each
250 @ $1.05 each
500+ @ $1.00 each

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