Happy New Year- 3D Glasses

"Tonight we're going to party like it's any other year than 2020!"

Ring in the New Year as our patented lenses transform ordinary Christmas lights, city lights, street lights, fireworks and more into magical images that scream "Happy New Year"! 

Our holographic New Year lenses bend light creating the phrase on each bright point of light, providing an optical experience that will get any party started on the right foot! These amazing paper glasses will be a perfect way to celebrate the end of a year we would all like to forget. 

People always ask us if these work with cell-phone lights and the answer is "Yes- Perfectly". Our amazing holographic glasses are great for party favors, greeting cards, teacher/student gifts, seasonal gifts, holiday light displays, and much more! 

25 @ $1.50 each
50 @ $1.35 each
100 @ $1.10 each
250 @ $1.05 each
500+ @ $1.00 each

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