Linear Polarized - Theme Park Style

Our Linear Polarized Lenses are available in a durable and much larger Theme-Park style BLACK plastic frame. These re-usable plastic polarized glasses feature superior quality 10-ml polarizer film. Polarized glasses contain light gray filters for viewing slide shows, multi-media displays, concerts, movies, and ride simulators. Linear polarized filters are cut at opposing 45-degree angles.

Minimum order 3. Available in black plastic Flexi-Frames Linear Polarized (45º/135º orientation). These heavy duty theme park style glasses are designed for multiple washings in commercial and temperature controlled washers.

Quantity      Price
3+                 $2.95
10+               $2.75
50+               $2.25
150+             $1.99
300+             $1.89
500               $1.79

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