North American Eclipse Glasses

North American Eclipse Glasses (Top Seller)

With the big eclipse on the horizon (April 8th, 2024), there is no better time to prepare than now! The only way to safely view a solar eclipse is with our new and improved Eclipse safe solar glasses. Our eclipse glasses are exclusively manufactured with 2 mil scratch resistant polymer (black/silver) lenses that filter out 100% of harmful ultra-violet and infrared rays and 99.999% of intense visible light. Our premium eclipse filters create the sharpest solar images with a natural orange color. With an optical density of 5 or greater, our ISO 12312-2 compliant and CE certified eclipse glasses are independently tested and safe for all phases of the eclipse.

Quantity      Price
25                $2.35
50+              $1.95
100+            $1.85
250+            $1.75
500+            $1.65
750+            $1.50
1,000+         $1.35
2,500           $1.25

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