Protective Expressions (The Karen)


We decided to have a little fun with our face shields and apologize in advance to any offended Karen's out there. Our new PPE shields (Personal Protective Expressions) give you serious protection with a fun message. Our "Karen" shields are absolutely hilarious and tons of fun to wear to all gathering (just cross your fingers there isn't a Karen there to rain on your parade). It’s your shield- so make it your story! 

Our 8.75" x 13" anti-fog shields provide an additional barrier that securely covers your forehead and chin. Designed with comfort in mind, our shields are made from durable plastic which offers excellent clarity- easily accommodating eyeglasses and masks providing a secure fit throughout your day. And yes, this product is authorized by FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

    Like all of our other products, these shields are 100% "Made in the USA". In stock and ready to ship. 

    Need more than 25? Want to customize or brand your shields? Click here to submit a request.

    Quantity      Price
    1                  $5.00 each
    3                  $4.50 each
    5                  $4.00 each
    10                $3.50 each
    25+              $3.25 each

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