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3D Anaglyph - Red Cyan

3D Anaglyph - Red Cyan

Our plain white 3D glasses with "Red/Cyan" lenses are available in plain white, full-frame and hand-held styles. Anaglyphic glasses are used for viewing print, movies, websites, games, and computer applications in 3D and is defined as two views of the same subject (either moving or still) in contrasting colors and slightly offset for two different perspectives. A three-dimensional effect is produced when these scenes are viewed with two correspondingly colored filters (anaglyphic lenses) matching the colors in the image.

Our special formulated and supercharged cyan (blue) filter coupled with our excellent red filter make American Paper Optics' red/cyan the best and top selling anaglyphic 3D glasses on the planet. Our anaglyph glasses will blast your 3D promotion into the next dimension where it can be viewed in print, on the web, or on television. Our versatile anaglyph filters have been used in many DVD titles including Shrek 3D, Polar Express 3D, Hannah Montana 3D, and Final Destination 3D. We are punching full 4-color 3D with depth defying clarity without compromising colors and flesh tones.

Minimum order of 50 glasses/viewers. Sold in increments of 50. Available in plain white full-frame and hand-held viewer styles in red/blue, red/cyan or red/green lenses.

Quantity      Price

50+               $0.40

250+             $0.35

500+             $0.30

1,000             $0.25