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X-Ray Spex

X-Ray Spex

Our X-Ray Spex® Lenses are the world's funniest practical joke! They are just like the ones you remember from childhood-for over forty years these mesmerizing specs have amazed millions all over the world. With this famous, blushingly funny illusion, see the bones in your hand or start a riot at the office pretending you can see through clothing. Look at any bright point of light such as city streetlights, holiday lights, or candles and see the words "X-Ray" magically appears. Take X-Ray Spex® to parties, get-togethers, and hospitals. X-Ray Spex® are a great novelty item and ice-breaker for doctors, dentists, radiologists, stockbrokers, detectives and security personnel. A fun BLAST from the PAST!!!!

Minimum order 5. Available in the nostalgic paper frame complete with packaging and instructions.

Quantity      Price

5+                 $3.50

10+               $3.00

25+               $2.50

100+             $2.25