DVD & Blu-ray 3D Glasses

At American Paper Optics, we take pride in having manufactured over 100 MILLION 3D movie glasses for some of the largest 3D movies ever made. American Paper Optics has been the exclusive manufacturer for studios producing 3d movie glasses for such massive titles as: Monsters vs. Aliens 3D, Coraline 3D, The Final Destination 3D, My Bloody Valentine 3D, Hannah Montana- Best of Both World's in 3D, Friday the 13th 3D, Jonas Brothers 3D, Sea Monsters 3D, Pirates of the Caribbean 3D, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and Jackass 3D. As the "official" DVD and Blu-ray 3D glasses manufacturers for the stated 3D movie titles, it's easy to see why American Paper Optics is the best choice for your 3D movie glasses needs.