TrioScopics 3D

An American Paper Optics exclusive, TrioScopics 3D is the latest premium 3D technology system. The TrioScopics system with its proprietary magenta (right) and green (left) lens combination has quickly become the top choice for DVD and Blu-ray delivery of 3D movies on standard television sets. The special color combination only available at American Paper Optics, coupled with the expertly matched TrioScopics stereo encoding, allow the maximum depth and 3D perception with minimal color reduction. That is depth defying 3D effects and eye popping clarity with minimal ghosting on standard television sets.

The TrioScopic system has been used for the following DVD and Blu-ray releases: Coraline, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Monsters vs. Aliens (bonus disc), My Bloody Valentine, and the upcoming Jackass 3D movie.

Minimum order of 50 glasses/viewers. Sold in increments of 50

Quantity      Price
50+               $0.40
250+             $0.35
500+             $0.30
1,000             $0.25

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