The Parrot Head

"Hey there, a parrot just landed on your paper sunglasses!"

That's a phrase that everyone has heard before, right? So step out of the box and wear a pair of our new Parrot Head sunglasses (that definitely aren't meant to be used as actual sunglasses) and be the life of the party we know you are.

Stroll down the beach and look equal parts cool and equal parts insane with our new Spec-Tickles "Parrot Head" glasses. Everyday is a vacation when you have these fun novelty glasses on your face. Life is short, don't forget to make yourself laugh every now and then. 

Perfect places to wear them you ask? Great question:

- Jimmy Buffet Concert 
- Your brother's graduation 
- Skiing 
- On a blind date (just make sure he/she is not blind)

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