ChromaDepth ® 3D

Our Standard and High Definition lenses are available in a generic, stock design. Also available are Standard lenses in a solid BLACK full-frame style and High Definition lenses in a plain WHITE full-frame style. Also available in plastic styles.

 Standard ChromaDepth® 3D lenses create a stronger 3D effect with some peripheral blurring and are recommended for use with printed images, books, UV light/fluorescent paints, magazines and brochures. High Definition ChromaDepth® 3D lenses create a weaker 3D effect but eliminate the peripheral blurriness and are suggested for viewing computer graphics, video, TV, or film.

Minimum order of 50 glasses. Sold in increments of 50. Standard and High Definition lenses are available in generic, stock printed frames. Other options are Standard lenses available in solid black frame and High Definition lenses available in plain white frames. Standard/High Definition Same Price:

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