EyePop Ornaments

The "must have" all-in-one Christmas item of the year has finally arrived! We are proud to introduc "EyePop Ornaments" for the 2020 holiday season! After our wildly successful Holiday Specs line, we knew we had to add our unique twist on decorating with these festive characters. The new EyePop Ornaments are extremely versatile as they are not only ornaments but also perfect as gift tags and greeting cards. The Swiss Army Knife of ornaments.    

These ornaments will light up any tree as each creates an eye popping holographic image for everyone to enjoy. Our EyePops magically transform ordinary holiday lights, city lights, street lights, and more into one of 6 popular holiday images (see the full collection below). Hang them on your tree, send one to a friend or decorate a gift. Want to see them in action? Check out an all new EyePops video here!